When Is It Worth Changing Your Sales Tax Software?


Arte you thinking about changing your sales tax software? Here’s a variation on a popular joke:

Q: How many accountants does it take to change accounting software?
A: Change?!

Changing your sales tax software is a bother. It’s frustrating, time consuming, and almost guarantees extra work for weeks to come — right? Not necessarily.

First of all, SalesTaxDataLINK is logical and works in an intuitive ways The interface is convenient and makes sense. Switching to SalesTaxDataLINK may bring up fear and trepidation because of the experiences you’ve had in the past when you changed or even updated your software, but it will surprise you. In a good way.

Some sales tax software requires weeks of work from your IT department to install and configure, but STDL isn’t like that. You’ll have it up and running in an afternoon.

What’s a good reason to change?

Jokes aside, we know that many people keep using software they hate just because it seems like too much trouble to change. The only thing worse than continuing to use their current software, they feel, would be having to switch to something else.

But there are some very good reasons to change:

  • Your current software doesn’t give you the level of accuracy you need. SalesTaxDataLINK lets you check your work at the invoice level, and verifies before you file.
  • You never know how much your current software will cost. A lot of sales tax software adds fees, including mysterious fees that you can’t really predict. You may have to pay for every calculation, including updates to a customer’s shopping cart. SalesTaxDataLINK has predictable, transparent pricing that never surprises you.
  • You’re not confident about the rates tables. Sales tax rules and regulations change constantly, and you may have nexus in thousands of different jurisdictions. Every one has its own system. If you can’t be sure that your software is updated whenever there are changes, you can’t be confident that your sales tax compliance is successful.

The easiest solution

SalesTaxDataLINK is great software. In fact, it’s the only sales tax solution unique enough to receive a patent.

But that might not be what you need. We’ve found that many of our clients save significantly by having our experts take care of their sales tax compliance for them from start to finish. If you don’t have a sales tax specialist on board, you’re better off with our comprehensive sales tax services.

Arrange a demo today

Sales Tax DataLINK.will improve your experience with sales and use taxes. Let us present a demo using your data so you can see how well it will mesh with your workflow. Call now! 479-715-4275

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