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Our clients work in manufacturing, construction, energy, and many more essential industries. We know you want control over your tax compliance and your data. You also need to focus on mission-critical tasks. Keeping up with the complex and ever-changing world of sales tax regulations may not be the best use of your time. Let us take care of this important matter for you.

Our full service sales and use tax division

The Consulting Group of Sales Tax DataLINK is a full service sales and use tax division primarily focusing on tax reporting, Nexus review and registration. Our Consulting Group works directly with our Developers and uses our patented sales tax calculation and filing software to handle your sales and use tax compliance.

  • Nexus Review
  • Registration
  • Voluntary Disclosure
  • Taxability Studies
  • Reverse Audits

Why should you choose Sales Tax DataLINK for sales tax outsourcing?

We’re experts.
Some companies train associates with their software or outsource overseas. Sales Tax DataLINK relies on a core group of tax professionals located in Bentonville, Arkansas. Our consultants are experienced in all areas of sales and use tax.

Let’s face it: sales tax is complicated, with multiple small technical differences across hundreds or thousands of different jurisdictions. Regulations change frequently. Working with anyone but an expert is risky.

Our work for you is guaranteed.

We’re competitively priced.
We use our own patented software, and we can customize our sales tax solutions for you. This means that you get more for an affordable price. We hear from our clients that they’ve had sticker shock with other software – discovering only when the bill comes that they’ve been paying for each invoice or each calculation a lot more than originally quoted.

You’re not locked in.
If you choose sales tax outsourcing with us, and decide later to move your sales tax compliance in-house, you can continue to use our patented sales tax solution. Your files are transferable. Other companies don’t give you this option.

You’re in control.
You can see your data and our calculations. It’s not a black box. We keep up to date on the myriad changes in sales and use tax regulations. You can always see your exposure.

Sit back and let us take care of sales and use tax for you.

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