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Filing sales tax returns can be very complicated. Each jurisdiction has its own deadlines and regulations, plus its own system for registration. Sales Tax DataLINK offers a full solution to automate the process.

The Sales Tax DataLINK Difference

A high-technology tool for compliance professionals, Sales Tax DataLINK’s on-screen alerts pinpoint jurisdictional issues – no more manipulating and reloading data to correct. Manage your credits, make adjustments, or create overrides that your tax engine cannot handle alone. Real-time reconciliation and validation tools ensure quick, accurate sales and use tax filing.

Sales Tax DataLINK generates on-screen notifications identifying jurisdictional errors, nexus alerts, and credit balances. Sales Tax DataLINK pinpoints tax rate variances too. A user-friendly override tool overcomes the limitations of your invoice tax engine, automatically correcting post-tax calculation errors and postal/tax boundary discrepancies by redirecting problematic data.

Apply deductions, tax credits, and entries specific to industry or location using our adjustment library.

Sales Tax DataLINK validates each invoice, reconciles to G/L and provides improvement alerts prior to each return filed. Every month, your compliance cycle from invoice to return is more accurate and quicker to file.

Sales Tax DataLINK is the most advanced tax reporting software available. It is so unique and beneficial, we received the only patent issued for tax reporting software…ever! We invite you to compare Sales Tax DataLINK with our competitor’s software. We will give you a free test account loaded with your data at no cost. We want you to see the difference and decide what is best for you.

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