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Sales tax confusion can cost you! Recent legal changes have made sales tax an issue for many companies. Suddenly, you have multi-state responsibility, and too many jurisdictions to keep track of. Compliance may seem overwhelming, but Sales Tax DataLINK’s patented process offers unmatched accuracy and impressive ease of use. Sales Tax DataLINK validates as you go – before you file. This unmatched level of accuracy gives you confidence, no matter how many returns you need to file.


All the jurisdiction details and rate accuracy needed for your industry. We include special jurisdictions and industry-specific information, too. Sales Tax DataLINK is a complete solution, from calculation to filing.


Most sales tax software piles on the fees. You may pay for every individual calculation – including customer’s changes to their shopping basket before they check out. Sales Tax DataLINK includes all you need at one sensible price with no surprises.

Right Fit

We’re not making assumptions about your business. Sales Tax DataLINK solutions handles sales tax compliance for a wide range of industries.

Customizable Solutions

Your account representative will answer any concerns about rates, technology, or options. All our sales and use tax specialists live and work in the United States, dealing with the complex U.S. tax system first-hand every day. Sales Tax DataLINK gives you accuracy and value – and that means peace of mind for you and your team.

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