Sales Tax Software Auto-Renewal Policies

You probably have a subscription to your sales tax software product. Maybe you’ve been letting it auto-renew for a couple of years, and it’s handy not to have to think about renewing. When you realize that you could do better with a better sales tax filing solution, it’s another story. We’ve seen people spend lots of time seeking out the best possible solution, doing their due diligence and choosing the perfect sales tax software option for their company — and only then discovering that there has been a change in the terms. Many of our competitors have changed their renewal language.

When they try to change their software package, they receive an automated response stating the customers must notify the software vendor 30-60 days prior to renewal or the subscription auto renews and they are liable. points out that many internet terms of service agreements include a clause saying that the company can change its terms of service at any time without notification. The truth is, consumers often don’t read the terms of service to begin with. The average online company could have a clause in their terms of service saying that the customer must give up his first-born child in order to avoid renewing, and many of their customers would never know.

With sales tax software, this often means that by the time you get your renewal notice, it is already too late to avoid renewal. That renewal notice might as well say, “This is an invoice. If you don’t like it, too bad — you should have told us six weeks ago!” If you are currently using a sales tax software solution that doesn’t wow you, don’t wait until the last minute to look for an alternative.  Let us impress you right now. Make it clear to your current provider that you don’t plan to renew, and let us help you make the change. It’s bad enough to be stuck with a frustrating sales tax software solution till the end of your subscription. It’s very bad to be stuck with it for another year beyond that, because of a change in the terms of service.

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