If Your Sales Tax Is Automated, Does that Mean It’s Correct?

Forbes recently ran an article that concluded that “taxpayers can’t afford not to have some sort of automation software.” They were talking about software designed to automate sales and use tax filing. Businesses that collect and file sales taxes can find the work overwhelming if they try to do it all by hand — and they can end up with errors. Many of the people we talk with assume that as long as they have an automated solution, their calculations and their tax filing will be accurate and error free.

But Forbes makes a good point: [Automated software] solutions rely on the customer’s information being correctly entered into the system. If that information is incorrect, the software cannot correctly calculate the proper rate. This is where SalesTaxDataLINK is different. Our tax solutions don’t just assume that everything is correct. Our software tells you  When you’ve got a transaction with a new state, so you can check and see whether you have nexus there. When your transaction, which uses zip codes to determine tax jurisdiction, gets it wrong. When there’s an error in an invoice — and which invoice contains that error. You don’t just want to file. You want to file accurately. Learn more about our software: FileLINK, RecoveryLINK, DisclosureLINK, RateLINK

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