Globalization and Sales Taxes

Sagit Leviner, an Associate Professor of Law & Business Administration, wrote, “One implication of globalization’s increased closeness is that forces at play within any one country can easily cause a chain reaction, transcending traditional borders to shape and affect other sovereign nations.”

That may be an interesting idea, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

We’re talking about the way globalization leads to your having to get technical support for your sales tax software from people in India.

You may have feelings about the outsourcing of jobs to India and other offshore locations — positive or negative. But when you get support for sales and use tax software from people who do not live and work in the United States, you are not talking with experts. They may be experts in the use of the software. They may be able to tell you which screen to visit and what button to click. They may be able to communicate well in English. But they can’t fully understand the U.S. tax system.

As one of our overseas customers put it, “It seems like they have a different tax jurisdiction at every house” in some parts of the United States. It’s not as simple as looking up zip codes. The details depend on your industry, your products, and sometimes even the method of delivery.

When you work with SalesTaxDataLINK, support comes from people in the United States, who are also experts on sales and use tax. We know that this is an advantage for our software, and we’re not afraid to say so. Sales tax is complicated and errors can be costly. Make sure that your sales tax and use software support comes from people who are in a position to know the best way to apply the software to the specific needs of your company, not just people who know how the software works.

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