Can You Escape New Mexico’s Sales Tax Controversy?

New Mexico passed a law requiring online sellers to collect and remit sales tax last year, but Governor Susana Martinez vetoed it. Last week, online sales tax was again put into law, along with increases in sales tax on services and various other changes.

It’s news that New Mexico is making this change, but it’s almost predictable news. One state after another is adding requirements for remote sellers to pay sales tax, and many are tossing in other sales and use tax changes while they’re at it. Some of the new laws have been changed already, while others are going to the courts to be decided.

The question is, how can you keep track of the changes and figure out which ones apply to your company?

Sales Tax RateLINK offers maximum accuracy

Sales Tax DataLINK’s RateLINK is a more complete, more robust tax table with important customization options. We can include authority descriptions and matching tax return codes for your specific industry and requirements. We even track city and county alias and can create customized content to match your ERP field limitations.

We can format the table to suit your needs, too. If you need current and historic rates for your jurisdictions, or even need to augment the table with your specific data, we’re there for you.

Sales Tax FileLINK validates as you go

Calculation is just the first step. When you file, you don’t have to think, “Here goes nothing!” and hope everything is okay. Sales Tax DataLINK has a patented system that validates each invoice, reconciles to G/L and provides improvement alerts prior to filing. Not only does that safeguard your company’s sales tax compliance, but it also means that your sales tax experience improves over time.

Each month, the process is faster and more accurate. With an interactive tax calendar and a comprehensive library of reporting resources, you can feel confident about your filing.

Sales Tax DataLINK offers full outsourcing services

Sometimes doing your own sales tax reporting isn’t the best use of your time, especially if your responsibilities for sales tax have increased significantly as a result of recent legal changes.

Instead of suffering over the challenges of keeping up with myriad sales tax changes, consider letting Sales Tax DataLINK handle it for you. Our team of experts is based in Bentonville, Arkansas. You will never get a call center when you need a question answered, and you’ll never have someone who knows the software but doesn’t know taxes working on your returns.

Sales Tax DataLINK makes software for accountants, by accountants. Put our expertise to work for your company and stop worrying about sales tax compliance.
Try our patented sales tax solution for free.


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