Experts Look to Congress for Sales Tax Resolution

Bloomberg's 19th annual Bloomberg Tax Survey of State Tax Departments tells us that 33 of the 50 states have already made tax changes in response to the Wayfair decision. That Supreme Court ruling struck down Quill, the case that said sellers didn't...
Sales Tax on the 12 Days of Christmas

A medieval song specifies the the gifts a lover gives his love on the days from Christmas Eve to Epiphany (January 6th, or Twelfth Night,the official end
of Christmas). You may not know them all by heart, but they’ll be familiar:

A part…

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Pushback on Wayfair Sales Tax Changes

When the Supreme Court rolled back Quill and allowed states to collect sales tax from out-of-state remote sellers, plenty of people were happy. Main Street
brick and mortar shops figured they’d get back some of the traffic they’d lost to e-commer…

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When Is the Real Last Minute for Sales Tax Compliance?

Have you responded to the Wayfair Supreme Court decision allowing states to require remote sellers to collect sales tax? Chances are good, whether you’re
a retailer or a manufacturer, that you’ll need to register, collect, and remit in all 50 sta…

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Sales Tax Sleeper States

Since the Supreme Court overturned Quill and allowed states to require remote sellers to charge sales tax, about a dozen
states have passed or begun enforcing those laws. Before the landmark Wayfair decision,
sellers had to have a physical pr…

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Remote Sellers and Sales Tax in Alaska

Online sellers, often including manufacturers, are having to cope with a lot of legal changes when it comes to sales tax. Some might be surprised by one
source of confusion, though. Alaska.
Alaska has no state sales tax. When the Supreme Court r…

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Sales Tax Gets Complex in Colorado

Colorado will start requiring online sellers to collect sales tax as of November 1, 2018. They haven’t yet announced all the details… and there might
be a good reason for that.
According to the Tax Foundation, Colorado has 349 county, cit…

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Sales Tax Exemption Certificates: Timing

Manufacturers often don’t collect sales tax. A retailer making a wholesale purchase won’t pay sales tax to the manufacturer, but will instead collect sales
tax from the end user. Manufacturers might feel relaxed about sales tax, knowing that…

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Will Retroactive Sales Tax GET You?

Hawaii’s new ‘general excise tax’ (GET) economic nexus provisions were announced as applying from December 31, 2017. Since the announcement came in June,
after the Wayfair decision that struck down Quill.

This Supreme Court decision did away wit…

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