Who We Are

Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, Sales Tax DataLINK is a tax technology company centered on a patented sales tax compliance web platform. We are dedicated to leading the advancement of customer-driven sales tax compliance and electronic filing.

Our commitment to excellence gives you a level of ease and accuracy that you won’t find elsewhere.

In fact, our software is patented. In the past 45 years, there have been just 15 patents awarded for sales tax solutions – and only one for sales tax reporting software: ours. A patent is granted only when there is something truly unique about a product. Our software is just such a product. It’s designed to catch errors at the invoice level, giving you peace of mind.

Founder, CEO

Noel Hamm

Noel Hamm, CEO of Sales Tax DataLINK, spent years working with sales and use taxes at major corporations and with an enterprise-level sales tax solutions company before determining that it was time for a new and better sales tax calculation and filing solution.

Noel has been honored with 18 awards while serving the tax software industry. He’s an expert at building teams that combine expertise and an attitude of service to the job.

Work with Noel and his team on your sales and use tax issues to benefit from his expertise and dedication. We’re not a giant conglomerate. You can work directly with Noel – he might even answer the phone when you call. Noel and other team members take service to our customers that seriously.

“We invest in our customers, from research to filing, approaching complex situations with deep understanding for an unparalleled level of service.” – Noel Hamm

You can contact Noel by calling the Sales Tax DataLINK main number (479) 715-4275 or by email

What Our Clients Are Saying


Faced with an existing vendor unable to provide critical monthly sales tax data uploads, Quikserv was forced to find a reliable supplier. Sales Tax DataLINK quickly took control of the situation and provided reliable rate uploads and has stood by with impeccable customer service ever since.

Tech Air

We had several employees processing and filing sales tax and we have been able to consolidate that to one person working with Sales Tax DataLINK.


I have been thoroughly impressed with the level of service and expertise that Sales Tax DataLINK has provided to our organization. They are extremely patient and went above and beyond the scope of work to provide a technical document to assist our team.

Mil Spec Works

As a tax software, Sales Tax DataLINK is simple to operate. Its unprecedented visibility and patterning helps us to eliminate errors from invoicing to tax filing. Additionally, the customer service is both nice and kind. They are always there and quickly respond whenever you need them.


I have been using Sales Tax DataLINK for three years. This switch has resulted in over 60% cost savings for my company. The product Sales Tax DataLINK provides is excellent and the service level has been phenomenal.

Our Clients