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Noel Hamm

Noel Hamm

Founder, CEO


Noel Hamm, CEO of Sales Tax DataLINK, spent years working with sales and use taxes at major corporations and with an enterprise-level sales tax solutions company before determining that it was time for a new and better sales tax calculation and filing solution.

Noel has been honored through the years with 18 awards while serving the tax software industry. He's an expert at building teams that service the tax related areas of Indirect, Property, Excise, Regulatory, Gross Receipts and Franchise tax segments with functional roles in tax planning, policies & procedures, software selection and implementation, research, audit, compliance, nexus studies, taxability determination, dispute resolution, risk identification, credits & incentives, mergers & acquisitions, business registration, voluntary review, recovery, exemption certificate management, panelist and seminar speaking.

You can contact Noel by calling the Sales Tax DataLINK main number (877) 806-7715 or email