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WebRate: A web-based tax calculation solution 

Simple and Affordable.

Complete, accurate tax calculation with no per-calculation fees and no usage limitations.

No extra accounting work for your tax team and no surprise fees on your monthly bill. WebRATE is web-based, so it’s accessible 24/7 and always up to date.


Our web-based tax calculation solution is perfect for most businesses.


Unlimited calculations for a predictable fixed price.


Connect WebRate to your EPR with a simple API.

Go for the best fit – affordable, accurate and designed for small and medium sized businesses.


One size fits all sales tax solutions often mean higher costs for your business, including implementation that can take weeks. Add per-calculation fees on top of that and you just won’t see the return on investment you want from your software. WebRATE, a web-based tax engine from SalesTaxDataLINK, gives you accurate, complete tax calculation at a predictable fixed price for unlimited usage.

Lots of invoices? Lots of exempt sales? It’s no problem for WebRATE. You get what you need when you need it, not one-size-fits-all features that don’t add value.

RateUtil automatically loads tax rates into your EPR without changing the native code. That means great value and ease of use -- without added maintenance or IT issues. You have the accuracy and control you need, want, and deserve, without extra cost or extra work for the IT team.

WebRATE has the accuracy and user friendliness that SalesTaxDataLINK’s enterprise solutions are known for, at a price you’ll love.