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Make the reverse audit process quick and simple


Simply upload a data file for the full audit period -- use single or multiple files.


View data alerts, notifications, and variances by jurisdiction or by company.


Easily identify refund opportunities or vendor credits. Produce supporting spreadsheets with one click.

RecoveryLINK: A Clear Choice for Reverse Audits

RecoveryLINK is the only available software for automating the accounting tasks associated with reverse audits. Unlike a manual process, RecoveryLINK is designed to quickly locate overpayments and generate supporting documentation used for refunds and vendor credits.

RecoveryLINK’s is a comprehensive multi-state accounting tool that will dramatically reduce the time and effort professionals spend. Simply upload the full audit period and results are published in minutes.

Locate every tax dollar you’ve overpaid.

Historical rates keep you in sync.

Reverse audits can recover significant revenue.
The challenge is that manually applying the correct rate to the proper jurisdiction at the time each transaction occurred is a time consuming, frustrating process.

RecoveryLINK is the only software that automates the task in seconds.

Easy upload puts you in charge.

RecoveryLINK’s intuitive point-and-click dashboard allows for simple data file upload without restrictions. Your multi-state data files can be for a full audit period or by month – it’s your choice.

Instantly view or print results from XLS reports.

Automation simplifies your work.

RecoveryLINK will automatically quantify discrepancies in paid sales or use tax. Create a data map from your source file and upload the file – no need for IT support.

See the results immediately and generate your supporting spreadsheet with one click. It really is that fast and easy!

Rate variance notification eliminates errors.

RecoveryLINK includes all the features that are needed to streamline your reverse audit process.

RecoveryLINK automatically and instantly identifies rate variances down to the local level and alerts you to jurisdictional errors – helping to pinpoint nexus contingencies.