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RateLINK: A sales and use tax table

You get twice the value with our extensive and flexible sales and use tax database. It's better content, customizable and specific to ERP.


All the jurisdiction details and rate accuracy needed for your industry.


More content than competitors’ databases at a price that makes sense.


Rates for SAP, Oracle, SAGE, Microsoft Dynamics, or custom solutions


A standard sales tax database gives you 80% of what you need. RateLINK brings the other 20% -- the specifics for your ERP and your business.

RateLINK is an IT favorite, providing a complete end-to-end solution with flexible options from a trusted company.

When was the last time you evaluated your rate database?

Today’s ERP has a better tax engine than comparable software from five years ago. Now, the right tax database combined with your ERP can give you the highest level of accuracy at the best value. RateLINK offers right-fit dependable solutions.

Our sales and use tax rating solutions don’t just cover the basics, like other tax rate databases you’ve used. They also cover those unique special jurisdictions including authority descriptions and matching tax return codes needed by your tax team for confident tax reporting. We can even create customized content to match your ERP field limitations. Our seasoned tax technologists are ready to share our expertise with you.

Your Account Representative will answer any concerns about rates, technology, or options. All our sales and use tax specialists live and work in the United States, dealing with the complex U.S. tax system first-hand every day. RateLINK gives you accuracy and value – and that means peace of mind for your tax team.