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Gain full control over your filing process


Simply upload a data file for the full audit period – use single or multiple files.


Make real time corrections without dumping the data file.


Click to e-File or complete your e-Form online.

FileLINK‘s intuitive, point-and-click dashboard gives you more control and more safeguards over the filing process, streamlining your work. Simply upload your tax data files without file restrictions.

FileLINK's on-screen alerts pinpoint jurisdictional issues - no more manipulating and reloading data to correct. Manage your credits, make adjustments, or create overrides that your tax engine cannot handle alone. Real-time reconciliation and validation tools ensure quick, accurate sales and use tax filing.



Prevent filing errors with built-in safeguards.


FileLINK generates on-screen notifications identifying jurisdictional errors, nexus alerts, and credit balances.

FileLINK pinpoints tax rate variances too. A user-friendly override tool overcomes the limitations of your invoice tax engine, automatically correcting post-tax calculation errors and postal/tax boundary discrepancies by redirecting problematic data.

Apply deductions, tax credits, and entries specific to industry or location using our adjustment library.


Make quick work of the filing process.


FileLINK gives you complete control over the back office. Simply upload your data file and start the review process by reconciling sales tax collected to sales tax calculated to your G/L accrual. All variances are color coded down to the local level for easy identification.

Click to start the filing process using e-file or e-return. Save detailed supporting spreadsheets as backup. FileLINK is a comprehensive solution offering better control, validation, and filing ease.


Use easy tools for assurance


The integrated and interactive Tax Calendar shows the filing status by single or multiple companies. A Rate Lookup tool shows historical rates and tax codes specific to a collection period: must-have tools for reconciliation.