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Reduce effort and increase accuracy.


Work with your current data files – just upload the review period with single or multiple files.


Quickly measure tax exposure in a single view. Based upon materiality, determine where to register or where to start the voluntary disclosure process.


Click to generate your supporting spreadsheets by jurisdiction and filing frequency, as required by taxing authorities.


DisclosureLINK is the only available software for automating voluntary disclosure accounting.

DisclosureLINK’s multi-state capability will dramatically reduce your time and effort.

DisclosureLINK is a precise tool for quickly measuring tax exposure for non-filing, specifically to jurisdiction and review period. By automating the accounting functions, you bypass difficulties with data, jurisdictional determination, and spreadsheet generation. The manual process can be overwhelming, but DisclosureLINK makes it easy.





Gain data flexibility and automation.

DisclosureLINK will automatically create the filing footprint and notify you of jurisdictional situs issues, regardless of how unique the data or how many months are in the review period.

Simply, map and upload your data file data files without restrictions. Flexible enough to handle one or several data files.

Accurately measure exposure.

DisclosureLINK offers a high level review and navigation platform for report generation. You can easily see levels of exposure and decide where to register and where to begin the disclosure process.

Return supporting spreadsheets.

Be confident that you are reporting each tax dollar due based upon the correct historical taxing jurisdiction and associated tax rate for the collection period.

With one click, create the required supporting spreadsheets for your filings covering all return frequencies and states.

Keep validation in sync...painlessly.

Spot check a rate quickly with a Tax Rate Lookup tool that matches tax rates and jurisdictions to a specific collection period over the last four years. The rate verification tool is included in DisclosureLINK.