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Exploring what's new, relevant and upcoming in the ever-changing world of sales tax.

Sales Tax on Services?

 Jan 06, 2016 Sales Tax DataLINK

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Tax Expansion Trend

 Jun 01, 2015 Sales Tax DataLINK

Sales tax placed on goods is one of the largest sources of state revenue. However, in recent years state lawmakers have found residents spending more on services than they do on goods. This development has states rethinking their sales tax policies in an effort to combat revenue gaps. Vermont has found that services account for 70 percent of consumer activity and attest that it is Vermont’s failure to tax the fast growing service economy that has led to state revenues failing to keep pace with growth in the state budget. Supporters of sales tax expansion say it will create an equal tax code that doesn’t favor one form of consumption over another.
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Sales Tax on Services?

 Jan 06, 2015 Sales Tax DataLINK

Back in the 1930s when state sales taxes were established, shopping was fairly simple, and it was quite separate from buying services. Your great-grandparents would go to the grocer to buy food and take away bags of tangible goods. Same at the hardware store or the haberdasher or the bookstore. Read More