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Where Do You Want to Do Sales Tax?

 May 11, 2016 Sales Tax DataLINK

We're not asking whether you want to file in Rhode Island or in Utah; you don't really have much flexibility when it comes to the physical geography of where to file. If you have nexus, you'll have to file.  Read More

Sales Tax DataLINK Tax Services

 Feb 22, 2016 Sales Tax DataLINK

Sales and use tax compliance can take days or weeks out of every month for your accountant or accounting team. Sales Tax DataLINK's software solutions cut down on the time you spend and also reduce the costs you face from fines, fees, and simply overpaying because of errors.
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Sales Tax DataLINK Receives Historic Patent

 Dec 04, 2015 Sales Tax DataLINK


5 Tips to Manage your Sales Tax Liability

 May 29, 2015 Sales Tax DataLINK

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Are You Sitting in a Tax Graveyard?

 Jan 26, 2015 Sales Tax DataLINK

If you decided to switch to SalesTaxDataLINK’s software this year, you have a decision to make. Should you leave the dead past (that is, previous years’ filings) alone, or should you validate your former filings with the new software? If you have skeletons in your closet, is it better to ignore them or to take steps?

Look at some examples:

  • An Indiana diner was shut down for failure to pay taxes after less than five years in business.
  • A Louisiana business owner is going to prison for underreporting taxes over a period of years.
  • A dozen vendors at a motorcycle rally were arrested for failing to record taxable sales correctly.
  • A Florida man faces 30 years in prison for failing to remit taxes properly 5 years ago.

Certainly, people who are arrested or imprisoned for sales tax fraud have probably crossed a serious line. Chances are good that they have not simply made a small error.

But a small error is where it can begin. Deciding not to correct the small error and allowing it to grow can be the next false step. The best plan is to validate past filings and identify the skeletons in your company closet. Then you’ll have the information you need to make an informed decision about the next step.

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