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Exploring what's new, relevant and upcoming in the ever-changing world of sales tax.

Impress Investors with -- Sales Tax?

 Jun 15, 2016 Sales Tax DataLINK

One of the reasons that sales tax rules and rates change so frequently is that they can. States and municipalities facing revenue shortfall can pass a new sales tax more easily than they can increase other kinds of income or reduce expenses. But some tax jurisdictions are taking that strategy a step further: passing new sales taxes to entice investors.  Read More

Sales Tax Funds and Community Projects

 May 09, 2016 Sales Tax DataLINK

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National Sales Tax Coming Up?

 Mar 23, 2016 Sales Tax DataLINK

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Globalization and Sales Taxes

 Mar 09, 2016 Sales Tax DataLINK

Sagit Leviner, an Associate Professor of Law & Business Administration, wrote, "One implication of globalization’s increased closeness is that forces at play within any one country can easily cause a chain reaction, transcending traditional borders to shape and affect other sovereign nations."
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Is the U.S. Ready for a VAT?

 Feb 04, 2016 Sales Tax DataLINK

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