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Exploring what's new, relevant and upcoming in the ever-changing world of sales tax.

What the Overturn of Quill Means to You

 Jun 25, 2018 Sales Tax DataLINK

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Understanding Origin-based Sales Tax vs. Destination-based Sales Tax

 Jan 30, 2017 Sales Tax DataLINK

Taxes are a big part of any business and figuring out when and if you should add taxes to a customer Invoice is a daunting task. On paper, the difference in origin and destination-based sales taxes are simple. In practice, it is more like trying to read a book in a different language. The definitions are simple, but how it all plays out – and the addition of remote locations – just adds to the confusion. I'll try to simplify it here to get you started. Read More

Florida Exemptions for Manufacturers!

 Aug 01, 2016 Sales Tax DataLINK

It might as well be Christmas in July for manufacturers in Florida this year because exemptions are being extended left and right! The sales tax exemption for machinery and equipment found in section 212.08(7)(kkk), Florida Statutes, has become permanent for all machinery and equipment except mixer drums. This means that any industrial machinery and equipment with a permanent use in the state for the manufacture, processing, compounding, or production of items of TPP (tangible personal property) will continue to be exempt instead of expiring on April 30, 2017 as previously scheduled.  Read More

Iowa Adds More Items to Exemption List

 Jul 06, 2016 Sales Tax DataLINK

Attention manufacturers in Iowa! You could be paying more than you should. As of July 1st, the state of Iowa redefined what qualifies as exempt supplies in respect to the sales and use tax exemption for certain computers, machinery, equipment, and replacement parts. The list has now been expanded to include certain items used in tandem with exempt materials.  Read More

Free Software under Streamlined Sales Tax?

 Jul 05, 2016 Sales Tax DataLINK

How often do we hear free and, upon investigation, are disappointed? Loopholes and fine print can be that bane of your existence. So what does HB 173 really mean for you? Read More

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