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Company History


Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, SalesTaxDataLINK is a tax technology company centered on a patented web platform that is dedicated to leading the advancement of customer-driven compliance and electronic filing. FileLINK, our flagship product, is fully supported by senior level tax, technology, audit and subject matter experts in the sales and use tax field.

Sales Tax DataLINK

SalesTaxDataLINK was founded in 2010 with the goal of providing businesses a budget friendly multi-state filing requirements solution offering better technology and better results.

After years of work with tax professionals, we crafted a solution that would handle the most difficult data and filing scenarios. Keeping what we learned from the tax professionals we worked with, we developed new technology that offers exceptional work flow and user-friendly design. FileLINK is so completely different in function and technology that it is patented.

The Best for You

Sales Tax DataLINK created solutions with the support of sales tax specialists and CPAs responsible for multi-jurisdictional compliance for all types and sizes of businesses. Our users and partners overwhelmingly said they wanted a hybrid solution that was affordable, feature rich and self-managed. In this deadline driven practice area, tax professionals need to be confident in the filing process without losing control. Also, we understand that not all businesses need a full front to back tax integrated solution. As a result, we offer a comprehensive solution that can be trusted and delivers as promised. We believe our users know what is best for their companies and Sales Tax DataLINK offers solutions with flexibility and control needed by sales tax professionals.

We make the whole process effortless!